My Walk for Emily

Ricardo Gushue walk for Emily, in front of Santiago Cathedral.

A father walks the Camino in memory of his 17-year-old daughter who was killed in an automobile accident.

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Mending My Shirt

Mending my Shirt Irene Calvo.

A tattered pilgrim discovers the invisible, energetic, healing fibers that weave us together and is mended along the way.

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Lost & Found on the Camino

M. J O'Meara Lost Man with Dogs feature.

A reflection about a peregrina who was profoundly lost on the Camino, and a local man and his dog’s who helped her find her way.

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Look Up

Look Up Joy Reichart.

The subtle voice that compelled a pilgrim to “Look up” and take in the views along her Camino, is, back home, the thunderclap that reminds her to “Look up” and not miss the miraculously full life surrounding her.

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The Daily Routine

Lawrence Jones Daily Routine Astorga, pilgrims walking on a path.

A poem by Lawrence Jones that distills the rhythm found in the pilgrim’s simple daily routine.

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Just Breathe

Camino Frances Alto de Perdon metal pilgrim statues.

A pilgrim finds her flow in a simple prayer she makes with each inhale and exhale. Breathe in, “Yes.” Breathe out, “We can.”

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