Serving on the Camino

Many pilgrims feel they are part of a stream of humanity, or even a flow of history, moving ever westward to Santiago. As an hospitalero, you become a rock in that stream. The rock stays in place and a drop of water hesitates briefly and then moves on, leaving the rock to interact with the next drop and the next. You provide a resting place where fellow pilgrims can stop to renew themselves in body, mind and spirit.

Those who have gone from walking the Camino to serving as hospitaleros say this experience is in every sense a Camino of its own.

Watch this YouTube video where our members talk about the training and the impact it has had.

What Must I do to be Trained?

On January 18th, 2021, American Pilgrims received a missive from the Federación de Asociaciones del Camino de Santiago saying “Due to the current health situation scheduled courses for new hospitaleros have been discontinued and will not be resumed this year. Pilgrims interested in becoming a volunteer hospitalero will have new information when the situation on the Camino is clearer.” American Pilgrims Hospitalero Training Team Is in unanimous accord with the statement from the Federation. We do not foresee undertaking hospitalero courses for the year 2021. Should the health situation change appreciably – and we are monitoring the situation very closely – we will consider a change to this current statement.

Please check back for updates on the training program. If you are a member of American Pilgrims, you'll be notified automatically when we schedule training sessions.

To be eligible for training as an hospitalero, applicants must:

  • have walked at least any 100 kilometers (or biked any 200 kilometers) on the Camino;
  • be at least 18 years old at the time of the training;
  • have spent an overnight in at least three non-private (municipal, parochial or association-run) albergues on the Camino; and
  • be a current dues-paying member of American Pilgrims on the Camino

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