¿Algo Más Señora?

Algo Mas Señora poem, picture of sandwich.

A poem by Suzanne Doerge that invites the reader to slow down and consider how the deliberate act of a proprietor making a pilgrim’s sandwich can be a form of prayer.

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The Daily Routine

Lawrence Jones Daily Routine Astorga, pilgrims walking on a path.

A poem by Lawrence Jones that distills the rhythm found in the pilgrim’s simple daily routine.

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Ebb & Flow

CW Johnson Ebb & Flow poem

A poem by CW Johnson that honestly acknowledges the rhythmic ebb and flow a pilgrim experiences between moments of gratitude and moments of irritation.

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La concha poem: Finisterre.

Finisterre, a poem by Mark Peterson about the end of the world. A place where many pilgrims end their Camino. For many, the end is just the beginning of their pilgrim journey.

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The Beginning

Monte de Gozo kneeling pilgrim.

The Beginning, a poem by Lawrence Jones about his arrival in Santiago, the place where his Camino walk ended and where his pilgrimage really just started.

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