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La concha poem: Finisterre.


by Mark Peterson | Santa Rosa, CA

The end of the world on the coast of Spain. The lighthouse stands tall amongst the ocean waves crashing against the rocks. The light beckons all to come and rest. It’s an ending point and a starting point. An inspiration. 

Pilgrims finish their five hundred mile journey here. They’ve walked weeks to arrive. A daily struggle to reach this place. It’s beautiful here at the end of the world. Air is fresh. Wind is strong. You taste the salt. Hear the roar of the waves. Bask in the sun. 

Many pilgrims have burned their weathered shoes on these rocks. Others throw them into the ocean. Decisions are made here. Visions are seen. Promises are given. 

Some say this is where the Camino ends. Here at the end of the world. They’re mistaken. It doesn’t end here. The pilgrim continues to walk their Camino back in their own town, at their job, in their school, with their family and friends. In many ways their Camino begins here. 

The end of the world. 

The end of your Camino. 
The beginning of your Camino.

The beginning of the rest of your life. 
The beginning of your changed life. 

The end and the beginning.

This poem was featured in our Winter 2024 issue of La Concha. The theme was “The Artist’s Way”, and you can find the full issue in our archive here.

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