Board Report – March 2024

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March 2024 board meeting, group shot.
American Pilgrims on the Camino board members take time out from their meeting for a sunset photo at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX, on March 10, 2024. From left: Tom Labuzienski, Joe Curro, Luis Gussoni, Tom Coleman, Paula Jager, Bill Artz, Ruben Mendoza, Rachel Ganzon, and Martin Peña. Not pictured: Allison Venuto and Eryn-Ashlei Bailey. Photo by Steve Lytch.

Board Report – March 2024

Prepared by Joe Curro, Chair, American Pilgrims on the Camino Board of Directors

The American Pilgrims on the Camino Board of Directors met from March 10-11, 2024, at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX, immediately following the Annual Gathering of Pilgrims. 

The meeting began with a review of the eight Pilgrim Principles—humility, simplicity, flexibility, responsibility, collaboration, candor, hospitality, and gratitude—by which the board operates, and a review of the previous meeting’s minutes. The board then engaged in a lengthy after-action review of the Annual Gathering. Board members discussed their feelings about what went well and opportunities to improve future gatherings.

With sadness and in accordance with coordinator requests, the board voted to deactivate the Finger Lakes and Northern New England chapters. The board discussed the possibility of company memberships and made a concomitant decision not to pursue these at this time.

The board discussed the potential quandary posed by limited attendance capacity at next year’s International Gathering in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There was a thought that virtual or regional events might be pursued in conjunction with local chapters, but a decision on this was deferred.

The board received an update on efforts to establish an albergue on the Via Lusitana in honor of John Brierley. There was also a helpful sharing of ideas on communicating some of the pilgrim opportunities we receive from Spain and elsewhere, with a resolution to pursue including these on the events calendar on the American Pilgrims website.

The treasurer presented a proposal for a revised budget with increased support for the grants program, which was unanimously approved.

The board reviewed and streamlined 2024 organizational goals and the performance dashboard. They also discussed ways to follow up with credential recipients.

The board received and approved proposals from the governance committee pertaining to board member service at Ribadiso and tying fees for the Gathering to volunteer service.

The board was briefed on the process and timeline for nominations and set the schedule for board meetings through January 2026, including observing a practice of meeting virtually once per year.

During new business, members raised the subjects of the San Antonio and St. Augustine Camino preambles, the possibility of presenting a plaque or other display item to grant recipients, the pending change of format of La Concha, knowledge transfer regarding technology, the possibility of extending Spanish classes to more chapters, the need for board members to meet with the attending pilgrim community at the Annual Gathering, and the possibility of a virtual Coordinator Workshop in 2025.

The board will next meet virtually in July.

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