Celebrate Your Camino with a Distance Sticker

You’ve seen the stickers on the back of a car saying simply “26.2 or 13.1.” For some of us, it wasn’t clear what that meant at first. Now we know it’s the length of a marathon or half-marathon.

Perhaps you’ve said, “I’ve walked or biked farther than 26.2 miles and I’d like people to know that!”

Now they will with a distance sticker for the Camino de Santiago!

For a limited time, American Pilgrims is offering three Camino de Santiago distance stickers: 790, 500, and 100.

With a minimum donation of $5 you can choose one sticker or get all three for a $15 minimum donation! The watermark will not appear on the sticker you receive.

These stickers also make a great “returning home” gift for pilgrims in your local chapter to celebrate their accomplishments.

Follow this link to get your distance sticker.