There is a large and continually growing body of literature about the Camino de Santiago specifically and with pilgrimage generally. Certainly prominent in the early history of the Camino are the "Codex Calixtinus" and the "Historia Compostelana." The Codex dates from around 1140 and is widely considered to be the world's first "tourist" guidebook. (We also provide a list of more up-to-date guidebooks.)

The Historia Compostelana relates events in Galicia of the first four decades of that same century, presenting a partisan account of the achievements of Diego de Gelmírez, who became archbishop of Santiago de Compostela.

The modern literature on the Camino and on pilgrimage encompasses not only many walker’s guides, but also cultural handbooks on art and architecture, personal narratives and reflections, novels and more.

Sometimes a particular book can be difficult to categorize; if you don't immediately find the title you're looking for, please check the other categories of use your browser's Find or Search fuction.

Some of the entries concern pilgrimages other than the Camino de Santiago and some have as their subject pilgrimage in general.

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