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The regional chapter for Northern California, centered on the San Francisco Bay Area, was established in January 2011. Our purpose is to keep members connected to the Camino and to introduce new people to the phenomenon. For more information, contact chapter coordinators Guy Joaquin and Laurie Ferris at


We schedule monthly hikes and walks, potlucks, intro to the Camino presentations, special talks, and more.

Browse our email campaign archive for past announcements and to subscribe to our chapter mailing list. Join our chapter Facebook group to stay up-to-date and learn about other events happening beyond our chapter.


Our monthly Lake Merritt Walks in Oakland on the first Saturday of the month are cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19.


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More Resources

Our 2018 Welcome Home Potluck included a presentation on "Returning Home: The Journey Continues."

Our 2017 Welcome Home Potluck included slide presentations on Camino routes “Beyond the Francés."


Chapter Library

As a benefit of American Pilgrims membership, current chapter members are welcome to borrow items from our library for free. Our collection includes 25+ books, 10+ films, games and a Camino map. Go to our chapter library request page to see what's available and for info on how to check out items.

Chapter T-Shirts

Our popular t-shirts with our chapter stamp design on front and Latin quote Solvitur ambulando (It is solved by walking) on back are available for purchase at our online storefront.

Camino Storytime Hour

Come see the Camino through someone else's eyes! We hold sessions for pilgrims to share their experiences along with photos of a Camino route or topic. Sign up if you're interested in telling your special Camino story.

Mentor Program

If you're thinking of walking the Camino and are interested in learning more, we can pair you with an experienced pilgrim who can answer your questions on how to prepare and what to expect. Email us at

Member Blogs and Websites

Laurie Ferris maintains a blog dedicated to planning for the Camino and sharing stories about the pilgrim's journey. In addition, she publishes a curated Camino events and hikes roundup every month.

San Franciscan Mike Miller has written a blog about his Camino experiences on the Portugués, Francés, Primitivo and Finisterre.


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