American Pilgrims on the Camino wishes you a warm welcome home from the Camino de Santiago!

On your Way, you likely experienced a range of emotions.  I certainly did. Some days were full of laughter, wonder and beauty while others were filled with trepidation, pain and longing for the familiar.  On the Camino, though, we were all in it together. We shared personal experiences with complete strangers, finding comfort and strength in knowing that the person walking or cycling next to us was on the same path.


As I sat in the Cathedral for the pilgrims’ Mass after my first Camino, I heard the priest say, “Your Camino starts when you get home.”  I was stunned. I thought I was “done.” I’ve since given this priest’s words a lot of thought: How can we understand and build on our pilgrim experience once we are no longer heading to Santiago de Compostela?


Your days of boots, backpacks and one foot in front of the other may be over. Many of us return to jobs and family and other obligations and find it is often challenging to fully express our Camino experiences to those closest to us.


If you have felt disconnected once home or would like to explore ways to continue benefiting from your pilgrimage, click on the button below to access our Returning Home workbook.  Our former board chair Cheryl Grasmoen developed this workbook to help us in our transition back home. 


If you find yourself missing the camaraderie of your fellow pilgrims, we encourage you to find a local chapter of American Pilgrims in your area.  We have nearly 60 local chapters across the country. They’re great ways to connect and keep your Camino Spirit alive.

-Dave Donselar, former board chair