Non-Music CDs and DVDs

The University of York (England), Dee Dyas, editor (2007). Pilgrims and Pilgrimage: Journey, Spirituality and Daily Life Through the Centuries. Available through the website of the University of York (UK).

Pilgrims and Pilgrimage, an interactive CD-ROM, is a learning and teaching resource on the theme of pilgrimage containing hundreds of colour images of stained glass, manuscript illuminations and sculpture from many sources. Sections include Pilgrimage in Early Christian Spirituality, Pilgrimage in Anglo-Saxon England, Pilgrimage in Later Medieval England and An Ongoing Legacy. The CD contains contributions from over 50 different authors.

Althea Hayton (2005). Walk with Me: The Pilgrim Road to Santiago.

A 3-CD set recorded on the Road with each stage consisting of a meditation, a short story and a prayer. This is a tranquil, reflective record of a spiritual journey. "If you have ever made a real pilgrimage, you can draw upon this experience to create your inner journey."

Beate Steger (2007). The Pilgrim's Way of St. James: Seven Routes to Santiago.

In 2007 Beate Steger set off on her pilgrimage, walking from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela and then on to Finisterre. In this DVD she describes her own journey on the Camino francés as well as six other alternative routes to Santiagowith pictures, film, music and original sound recordings. This is a comprehensive and authentic documentation of this popular pilgrimage and it includes many practical tips for your own pilgrimage. German and English. Available through