Tips for Getting your Compostela Once You Arrive in Santiago

We’re excited for all pilgrims who are walking the Camino de Santiago!

Once a pilgrim who has walked, bicycled or traveled by horseback at least the minimum qualifying distance arrives at the Tomb of St. James in Santiago, they will want to pick up their Compostela at the Pilgrim’s Reception Office. The office is run by the Cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela.

Pilgrim’s Reception Office

Rúa Carretas, nº33 (accessed from García Sabell)
15705 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña – ESPAÑA

Tel.: +34 981 568 846

The Office is open daily 9am-7pm except Dec. 25 and Jan. 1

In this office a volunteer will issue the final stamp of the Cathedral of Santiago on the pilgrim’s credential as well as present the traditional certificate, the Compostela, to those who qualify.

If you’ve never walked the Camino or if it’s been a few years since your last Camino, be aware of the new process for getting your Compostela.

As of June 1, 2023

Here are the steps for getting your Compostela at the Pilgrim’s Reception Office:

-Scan the QR code posted outside of the office.

-Complete the online form, receiving a QR code on your phone.

(If you don’t have a QR scanner/camera on your phone, there are paper forms available on tables to the left and right immediately upon entering the Pilgrim’s Office. You can also follow this link to complete the online form).

-Walk straight into the Pilgrim’s Office and continue walking through to the terrace outside.

-Walk downstairs and to the left.

-Enter the building and scan your QR code on your phone to get a small piece of paper with a line number and another QR code (this QR code does not seem to be related to the one on your phone).

-You can either stay in the waiting area until it’s your turn or you can leave and come back.

-If you leave the Pilgrim’s Office, watch the line numbers by scanning the QR code on the paper ticket. It’s recommended to go back at least 30-50 numbers before yours so you don’t miss your turn. If you miss your turn, you’ll have to start the process over.

-Show your number to the person at the door and walk to the area right before the terrace to be placed in the correct order to obtain your Compostela and/or distance certificate.

Remember when it’s very busy, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to receive your Compostela on the same day. We recommend going to the Office as early as possible in the morning. Please be patient with the volunteers.