Webinar: Boston Chapter, Camino Angels

Dec 21, 2020 7:00PM—8:30PM



Event Contact Nancy Nee Hanfin | Email


Calling all Camino veterans! Join the Boston Chapter with your stories of delight! The phrase "Camino Angels" is part of the pilgrim lexicon. Who are these mysterious creatures? They are simply fellow pilgrims who somehow, someway appear just as you need them. The Camino is like life; things are not always going to go as planned. Wallets are lost; beds aren't available; injuries happen; spirits wane. Camino Angels are those total strangers that suddenly cross your path at a moment of crisis and turn a bad situation around on the spot. So aspirants, join us as veteran pilgrims share their stories. Veterans, please RSVP with a short description of your Camino-Angelic experience.

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