Tucson, AZ: Old Pueblo Chapter, Walk & Talk in Sabino Canyon

Oct 20, 2019 8:00AM—1:00PM


Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, 5700 N Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson, AZ 85750

Cost $5.00 Parking - if you don't have a pass

Event Contact Sharon Fields | Email


The 2019 calendar said that the Old Pueblo Chapter is meeting for tapas and wine on Sunday afternoon but we have a change of plans – Dave is the king of the Tapas Events but he’s going off that weekend doing something else with other people! So you’re left with me (Sharon) as your hostess, and sorry I am just not good at organizing restaurant stuff.

What I am good at is walking and talking so that is what I am putting together for that Sunday morning. We will walk the Sabino Canyon tramway starting at 8:00. At 11:00 we will gather at Risky Business (6866 S. Sunrise Dr.) for a bit of food and libations (it will be after 5:00pm in Spain by then so that’s allowed). If you chose to walk the entire route it will come to about 7.5 miles with only about 600ft elevation gain overall. But you only need walk the distance you wish and turn around or you can hop on the tram (for a fee) and get a lift back to the Visitors Center. If you only want to eat – join us at 11:00 at the restaurant.

I will be at the ramada in front of the Visitors Center by 8:00 – many groups meet there so make sure you join the FUN group — us! We will be prompt because of the after event. If you are meeting us at the restaurant, they have a large room on the north side which has accommodated us in past – snag it if we are late/your early.

No need to RSVP.

Several pilgrims will be home from their Camino by this event and I really hope you join us! We feel that the conversations we have when walking are some of the best times we have as a group. So much is shared and celebrated. I really hope you choose to join us on this easy-peasy walk with friends!