Tucson, AZ: Old Pueblo Chapter, Second Thursday Evening Walk

Oct 08, 2020 6:00PM—9:00PM


Sabino Canyon Recreation Area

Event Contact Sharon Fields | Email


We weren't expecting Sabino Canyon to open back up till Nov 1 but it is currently open and available. We will gather at 6:00 pm at the main ramada at Sabino Canyon Recreation Area and walk the asphalt paved tramway to the end or as far as you wish. Yes, it will be dark by the time you get back to your car but we will be walking on a 1.5 lane wide asphalt road and I recommend you bring water, a flashlight or headlamp and a snack - it will also be cooler than you would expect. We think, no we know you will be surprised at how fun it is going to be. The entire length is 7.2 miles with about 700 foot elevation gain. You do not have to travel to the end and can turn around whenever you desire. Risky Business at Sunrise and Kolb is our likely after walk haunt - as just an FYI.