Tubac, AZ: Old Pueblo Chapter, Pilgrim Hike on the de Anza Trail

Feb 26, 2022 8:00AM—3:00PM


In Tubac at the de Anza trailhead parking lot which is at the intersection of Tubac Rd. and Burruel St. Follow signs to the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

Cost None

Event Contact Sharon Fields | Email


Many of our pilgrims have mentioned that the real value of our little hikes is the learning and community building which takes place; hiking with me once a month might not get your body ready to walk a Camino but it may help you feel confident because you have met people just like yourself who have walked the path. In that spirit we will be taking a gentle hike from Tubac to the Mission in Tumacacori, return to Tubac and perhaps have a spot of before heading home.

We will start at 8:00am in Tubac at the de Anza trailhead parking lot at the intersection of Tubac Rd. and Burruel St. From there we will walk a flat 4 miles to the Mission in Tumacacori along the Santa Cruz river, eat second breakfast at the mission and then return to trailhead by walking or via carpool. It is 4 miles each way with zero elevation challenge.

This trail is absolutely lovely with the wildlife and trees but is a bit sandy so if you have gaiters you might want to wear them. In the past a couple of pilgrims were bothered by the kicked up sand so a bandana or other face cover may also be helpful. If you are a birder be sure and bring your binoculars.

If you only want to do the first half (the 4 miles to Tumacacori) park at the Tumacacori State Historic Park, the trail terminus is adjacent to the park. But notify me in advance and so we can make arrangements to shuttle you to the trailhead in Tubac.

As always come prepared with sun protection, water as well as any medicine/supplies you may require. You will be crossing a Border Patrol checkpoint, and given the tension at the border these days, it would be prudent to ensure everyone in the vehicle have photo identification handy. Please RSVP.