Phoenix, OR: Southern Oregon Chapter, Bear Creek Greenway Training Walk

Oct 14, 2023 9:00AM


Phoenix, Oregon

Event Contact Terri Stefanson | Email


Camino Training Walk

The walk will be in two parts:

We will meet at Blue Heron Park in Phoenix. Click here for Google Map.

First we will walk south along the Greenway to Wrangler’s Arena, just before Ashland, then back to Blue Heron Park. This round trip distance is 9.6 miles.

We will have lunch at Clyde’s Corner, or you can bring a picnic lunch to eat at the park.

After lunch those who are up for walking an additional 5.2 miles will walk north to US Cellular Community Park. (2.6 miles each way) before walking back to Blue Heron Park

If you want to join us for just the second part of the walk we should be at Blue Heron Park/Clyde’s Corner around 12:30. Text or call Terri at 541-821-7178 to find out where we are on the trail at that time.

Note: The annular eclipse will be happening at about 9:18, just as we are getting underway. We will be a bit too far south to have the full experience, but if you have eclipse glasses, do bring them. I have ordered a 12 pack of eclipse glasses, and hope that they arrive in time.