Online: Valley of the Sun Chapter, Speaker Dr. Guylene Gigi Tree

May 18, 2023 6:00PM—7:00PM


Zoom Meeting - 6pm MST.

Event Contact Kath Stoll 602-616-9467 | Email


Speaker: Dr. Guylene Gigi Tree, author of The End of the Earth series.

Some people have walked a Camino. Even more have considered walking one or more. Still others, fascinated by the adventure, cannot walk a Camino but enjoy hearing stories of others who have done so. If you find yourself in any of these three categories, you will enjoy listening to Dr. Tree talk about the stories in her books in the series “The End of the Earth” at our May chapter presentation.

Dr. Tree has traded in the scholarly writing pen and picked up the fun, travel writer pen. A born traveler, adventurer, and explorer of the trail less taken. Her series of books will let you walk the Camino in ways you never thought possible – a fun read, full of adventures, mishaps, fun times, missteps, and spiritual moments.