Online: The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies, “Pilgrimage in the Midst of Pandemic”

Jan 21, 2021 12:00PM


Online Zoom event. Note 12 noon Eastern time

Cost Free

Event Contact George Greenia | Email


You are cordially invited to attend the William & Mary Institute for Pilgrimage Studies 2021 Virtual Symposium on “Pilgrimage in the midst of Pandemic”
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 12 noon EST

The video presentations for the symposium have been loaded on the Institute's website and are available now*. Attend the 1½ hour live conversation with free registration by clicking the REGISTER link above. You will receive the appropriate Zoom link and password the day before.


Every pilgrim travels with an imagined community that fuses time, geography and intent. Join us on our virtual journey.

The program:
12:05-12:25pm - Experience of Pilgrimage

Is Pilgrimage an Essential Service? The Conflict over Congregational Worship (Aulet, Álvarez)
Laudato Si’ and the Quest for Universal Communion: Pilgrimage in the Modern Age (Muthupandiyan)
See-Level: How Pilgrims Think (Bouldrey)

12:25-12:45pm - North-American Pilgrimage

Pandemic, Pilgrimage, and Prairie Paths (Barlar)
The Panoplia of Pandemic Pilgrimage Findings (Redick)
Pilgrimage in a time of pandemic: Backyards, Maps, and Apps (Barush)
12:45-1:05pm - Pilgrimage and Technology

Virtual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land during the Pandemic: Contemplating the Face of Christ with Mary – The Magdala Experience (Dowson)
Virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Darnell)
The Camino in COVID-19 Times – Tune in But Step out! (Friesen)
The María Lionza Pilgrimage: Movement in the Midst of COVID-19 (Carter)
1:05-1:25pm - Panel Discussion of Disciplinary Angst in an Age of Pandemics: The Case of Pilgrimage Research

The Case of Geography of Pilgrimage (Olsen)
Of Saints and Serendipity: Anthropological Musings on the Effects of COVID-19 on Pilgrimage Research (DiGiovine)
Pilgrimage Studies during COVID-19: A Psychological Perspective (Warfield)

1:30pm – Closing Remarks