Online: Northern California Chapter, Camino 101: The Camino Francés

May 16, 2020 2:00PM—3:30PM


Northern California Chapter's Zoom meeting room

Event Contact Guy Joaquin | Email


While the Camino de Santiago and its routes will not reopen for some time, it is never too late to begin planning your next Camino. Each of the routes making up the Camino de Santiago has its own history and character, but the significance of the Camino Francés is unparalleled. Although some say the Camino Francés was not the first Camino, no one doubts that the Camino de Santiago we know today was defined and shaped by pilgrims walking through the paths, towns and cities of the Camino Francés. And today, the Camino Francés continues to be an unchallenged testimony to the pilgrim spirit that is so alive even after a thousand years.

In this presentation, Emilio Escudero will describe the route, show images intended to evoke experiences along the way and provide an opportunity to share personal insights. Please join us on Zoom for an enjoyable afternoon with fellow pilgrims.

Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with joining instructions and a link to add a reminder to your calendar. You’re welcome to enter the meeting room up to 10 minutes before the start time to settle in. If you’re a first-time Zoom user, here’s a video tutorial (8 min) and a test meeting to familiarize yourself with the platform. We’ll also record the session and add it to our chapter resources.

About the Presenter: Emilio Escudero is a founding member of the Northern California Chapter of American Pilgrims who loves to take pictures on his Caminos. He is a member of the Northern California Chapter steering committee, served on the American Pilgrims Board of Directors and cherishes his work as an hospitalero.