Online: Colorado Front Range Chapter, Denver Orbit Trail Talk

May 08, 2024 6:00PM—7:00PM


Zoom. MT zone

Event Contact Christine Petty | Email


Come and meet Michael Tormey, the Founder and Champion of the Denver Orbit Trail (DOT). It is a 177 mile circuit around Denver that connects existing trails, parks and greenways in four counties amd more than a dozen cities and towns! Michael hails originally from rural Maine, and is an urban transportation planner and engineer with professional experience in Boston, San Francisco, London and now Denver. And he currently lives in Golden, CO, where he works as a transportation safety engineer on projects in public lands across the US. In his free time, he spends all his time exploring on foot, the best way to get around and come to know a place. Building on his time in the UK, where walking is deeply entrenched in British culture, he created the Denver Orbital Trail as a way to get people outdoors and explore the Denver metro region.

He will share with us the story of the DOT: who he is, what inspired him (and the cultural, social, and intellectual movement the DOT fits within), how he went about making it, the challenges he faced, what he hopes it means for Denver, what he hopes people get out of it, and what its future might be.

Be sure not to miss this special Zoom Talk on this New 177 mile Trail!