Online: Charlotte Chapter, “Live From The Camino” Zoom Meeting

May 10, 2022 11:00AM—12:30PM



Cost None

Event Contact Mike Gardner | Email


Please join us for our first 2022 “Live From The Camino” Zoom meeting. Last year we were fortunate to have four “Live From the Camino” Zoom meetings.

The Back Story
Vince Pratt, Ranjit and Neena Raju as well as Teresa Arellano will join us for the Zoom. Vince is one of our most experienced pilgrim/hikers. Both Vince and Ranjit walked last year and were able to join us for one of the Zoom sessions. We hope to catch up with Vince on his turn around day in Santiago after he has completed the Portuguese Central Route and before he returns to Porto to start La Senda Litoral or The Coastal Path. Ranjit and his wife Neena are walking the Portuguese Central Route. As a point of interest, they are staying one night at La Cala Pilgrims Inn, run by our Camino friend, Tanya Valdes. We will meet them in Ramallosa. This is Neena’s first Camino so it will be interesting to get her perspective. Teresa is walking the French Way and we will see her in Villafranca. Like Neena, this is her first Camino so let’s hear what she has to say. We will ask our traditional questions and also ask our Pilgrims to comment on a few topics such as bed bugs, their budget range, personal security, and have they seen any scams. Vince and Ranjit should be able to comment on how COVID restrictions have changed from last year. For Vince, has COVID changed the Camino? Lastly, we will ask Neena and Teresa what advice do they have for women pilgrims, and for Teresa to address the topic of hiking the Camino solo as a woman.