Kirkwood, MO: St. Louis Chapter, Emmenegger-Powder Valley Hike + Picnic

May 13, 2023 9:00AM—2:00PM


11991 Stoneywood Dr, Kirkwood, MO 63122 Central Daylight Time

Event Contact Amy Horton | Email


We will park and meet at the Emmenegger Nature Park trailhead to begin our hike. The Emmenegger trail is a short 2-mile trail, with a decent hill every 1/2 mile rising from the Meramec River to the the bluffs by 270. We will walk this trail once then hike it in reverse for a total of 4 miles. We will then walk an additional 3 miles at Powder Valley, for a total of 7 miles. This combined hike provides a perfect training hike, with a variety of surfaces—paved, rocky, dirt—and some elevation changes. Special thanks to Catherine Dantin for leading this hike.

Following our hike, we will gather at one of the park pavilions for a casual picnic lunch where pilgrims can continue to ask Camino/pilgrimage questions. Each pilgrim is responsible for bringing their own picnic meal; this is not a potluck picnic. Pilgrims may also consider bringing a pop-up lawn chair in the event pavilion space has already been claimed by other parkgoers.

Emmenegger Nature Park is located on 93 acres. The property is leased by the Department of Conservation, and is currently operated in partnership between MDC and the City of Kirkwood. The topography of the area allows for a diverse mix of upland hardwoods along the ridges and bottom land species in the valley and along the Meramec River, which is located along the western boundary of the area.

Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center is located off Cragwold Road across 270 from Emmenegger Nature Park. It is nestled within 112 acres of oak hickory forest in a quiet corner of a busy urban world.

Plenty of drinking water
Appropriate footwear
Hiking poles
Rain gear
Bug spray
Picnic lunch
Pop-up lawn chair