Denver, CO: Colorado Front Range Chapter, Formal Shell Ceremony and Blessing

Feb 26, 2022 1:00PM—4:30PM


Capitol Heights Church, 1100 Fillmore, Denver, CO. After the ceremony, we will gather at the Sienna Wine Bar on 12th Avenue: 3422 E. 12th Ave., Denver, CO.

Cost Donativo to cover costs related to the shell ceremony, i.e., programs and shells

Event Contact Kris Ashton | Email


This is our very special Formal Shell Ceremony with Blessing for First-time pilgrims walking the Camino. If you already have a shell, but wasn’t able to walk in the past, please come and receive a blessing! If you have already walked the Camino—please come and give support and cheers for our New Pilgrims! In addition to yourself, bring what else you would like blessed, i.e. your shoes/boots, hiking poles, backpack, or even your ‘stuffie”/spirit stuffed animal!

We will have COVID precautions. Masks are required in the church, even if fully vaccinated (with booster)! And there will be room to socially distance in the church.

If attending the Sienna Wine Bar afterwards, we ask that only fully vaccinated (and boosted) people attend, as we are unable to wear masks while eating and drinking and talking…. Thank you for your consideration in keeping others safe!