Denver, CO: Colorado Front Range Chapter, Annual Shell Ceremony

Feb 25, 2023 12:30PM—3:30PM


Capitol Heights Church on NE corner of 11th Ave. and Fillmore St in Denver, CO. Followed by tapas and beverages at Sienna Wine Bar: 3434 E. 12th Ave, Denver, CO

Cost Donativo--to cover costs of shells and printed materials....

Event Contact Christine Petty | Email


This is our special formal Shell Ceremony and Blessing for First time pilgrims with definite plans to head off on their Camino in 2023 calendar year. During the Middle Ages, pilgrims received a blessing for safe travel as they headed off on their Camino pilgrimage. If you are a first time pilgrim and leaving in 2023 for your Camino pilgrimage, this is an event that you won’t want to miss. Come and receive a blessing for safe travel and your shell that denotes you as a pilgrim on the Camino. Afterward the ceremony walk (or drive) to the Sienna Wine Bar where we will celebrate and share Camino stories and answer questions about walking the Camino.