Online event: Charlotte Chapter, Pandemic as Pilgrimage – A Community Conversation

Apr 21, 2020 6:00PM—8:00PM


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Pandemic as Pilgrimage - A Community Conversation on a Pilgrimage that could be taken right now - Lead by Lynda Boozer:

I opened my inbox the other day to a new post and the words: “Pandemic as Pilgrimage.” Janet Connor, the writer and a woman whose wisdom I respect, was suggesting that in this shelter at home time,( she said as much as 120 days, eek!) is somewhat of a forced sabbatical and could be shaped as a pilgrimage. This reminded me of the paraphrased words of Martin Sheen (director of the famous Camino movie The Way) “A pilgrimage can be made from one’s sofa…..if you are conscious.” Janet got me thinking and even excited about the freshness of this idea. Were I to see this time period as a pilgrimage, what intention might I set for myself.? How would I like to emerge from this? What would I like my life creation to look like going forward.? Where has my old life bound me that I could release in the future? What practice, spiritual or otherwise might I put in place now or use this time to develop? .There are many questions that can be posed and conscious ways to use this time . On April 21 we will gather virtually to have a community conversation about the possibility of seeing this time as a pilgrimage. We will talk about how folks are doing, where you are with your Camino hopes and how you might be consciously using this time. We would love to have you join us.