Bowie, AZ: Valley of the Sun Chapter, Fort Bowie Hike

Mar 24, 2024 10:00AM—12:00PM


Apache Pass Road Trailhead, 3500 South Apache Pass Rd, Bowie, AZ 85605

Event Contact Darryl Toupkin 602-284-1765 | Email


Distance: 3 miles – Easy to Moderate (due to uneven terrain and semi-arid). Fort Bowie witnessed almost 25 years of conflict between the Chiricahua Apache and the US Army, and remains a tangible connection to the turbulent era of the late 1800s. Explore the history of Fort Bowie and Apache Pass as you hike 3 miles winding through remains of Butterfield Stage Station, the old post cemetery, an Apache wikiup, Apache Spring, and finally the first and second forts. The park visitor center and museum are located near the ruins of the second fort. Today, this peaceful landscape stands in stark contrast to the violence that once gripped this land. Easy hike and amazing history of the southwest.

There is a toilet but no water at the trailhead but there is water and restrooms at the Visitor Center along the hike. Bring your own water, along with poles, sun protection (not a lot of shade on this walk), first aid, and nutrition.