Contemporary Music

Dick Le Mair (2007). Impressions of a Pilgrimage. Available through Global Recording Artists.

The CD "Impressions of a Pilgrimage” tells the story of the pilgrimage along the Camino. The music is a combination of classical, Gregorian chant, jazz and Celtic. Sound clips are avialable.

One Left (2007). Wayfaring. Available through or iTunes.

An album by the four-member band One Left mostly of rock but with some gentler pieces, songs born from thoughts along el Camino de Santiago. If you 're suffering from Codex fatigue, this may be the album for you.

Oliver Schroer (2006). Oliver Schroer: Camino. Solo Violin and Ambient Recordings from the Camino de Santiago. Big Dog Music BD0601. Available through the artist's website

In May 2004, fiddler/composer Oliver Schroer set out with three companions to walk the Camino. Over the course of two months, they walked 1,000 km in the footsteps of their medieval brothers and sisters. In his pack, Oliver carried his violin and a portable recording studio and when he found a church or cathedral that was acoustically enticing… and open… he played and recorded in these spectacular, sonic spaces — 25 different churches in two months of walking. The sense of place is strong — pilgrims praying, children playing, birds, bells, footsteps, passing snatches of conversation and the sounds of the buildings themselves. (Note: Oliver Schroer died on July 3, 2008.)

Tenebrae (2006). Path of Miracles. Signum Records. ASIN: B000QZVIAA.

Composer Joby Talbot composed Path of Miracles following a trip to northern Spain where he visited many of the important points on the Camino de Santiago, including four of its greatest churches: the abbey at Roncesvalles in the foothills of the Pyrenees, and the great cathedrals of Burgos, León and Santiago itself. The impressions these places left on him became the basis for the four sections of the work.

Trailhead (2009). Road to Salamanca. CD Baby. ASIN: B014I3Q6KC.

While not entirely a Camino album, it is sufficiently so. Singer and songwriter Tobias Panwitz writes, "The Road To Salamanca came to life between 2005 and 2009, over a period when I had been travelling a lot, including walking the Spanish Caminos de Santiago. Amongst others, 'Walking The Camino' and 'Bats On The Wing' reflect those times. One of the Caminos leads from Sevilla via Salamanca up to Santiago. I never made it as far as Salamanca though - thus the song is about the 'Road To Salamanca'."