Father José Ignacio, A Memory

José Ignacio was a driving force in the founding of the modern hospitalero movement. He was the creator and original coordinator of Hospitaleros Voluntarios. He created courses for volunteers; he published Peregrino, the first pilgrim magazine. From his energy and love of pilgrims spread the idea, beginning in 1990, of opening donativo albergues to provide for all pilgrims, regardless of means.

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American Pilgrims’ 3rd Annual Virtual Open House, Saturday, December 9, 2023

Join us on Saturday, December 9, 2023, for our 3rd annual virtual open house. The daytime lineup includes a tribute to John Brierley and interviews with Gemma Brierley, Sister Katherine O’Flynn, Dave Donselar, Faith Walter, Johnnie Walker Santiago, Leigh Brennan, a short conversation with Martin Sheen and Rick Steves! The evening lineup includes interviews with Dan Mullins and Skye the Silent Pilgrim.

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John Brierley’s Passing & Obituary

John Brierley

It is with much sadness I inform you that our fellow peregrino John Brierley has died. Countless numbers of us have relied on John’s guidebooks as we undertook our caminos.

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COVID-19: What You Should Know

NIAID-RML image of coronavirus

American Pilgrims is echoing official advice from numerous sources that you do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot. We will continue to pass along news from the official and authoritative sources listed below.

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