Cookbooks and Other Printed Material


Battjes, Paul (2010) Camino Cocina Cookbook. Complete with color photographs, recipes and stories, Camino Cocina features 40 of the best meals, desserts and tapas enjoyed by the Battjes family during their 500 mile journey across northern Spain. Available for purchase here.
Martinez, Yosmar Monique (2016) Tastes of the Camino: 30 Authentic Recipes along the French Way. Whisk & Spatula Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-0-997253405. Award-winning cookbook author and publisher, recipe developer and culinary instructor Yosmar Martinez reveals in Tastes of the Camino the foods along the Camino. Representing various towns and villages from Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela, the 30 recipes will wow your senses and give you a look into the food culture of the Camino de Santiago.  Visit the author's website for more information.
Peet, James S (2019) Camino Eats for the Solo Vegan: Easy vegan meals for Peregrinos and other travelers. Bowker. ISBN-13: 978-0999609385 (paperback), ASIN B07R1Z1T13 (Kindle). The Camino is fraught with peril for vegans! A “vegetable salad” includes tuna, and ham is ubiquitous, even in dishes one might consider vegetarian. Designed for the pilgrim interested in cooking for him or herself, the book contains recipes for food that is basic, filling, but also tasty, with numerous permutations for many of the meals. Best of all, most of the ingredients can be bought for a lot less than the price of a similar meal in a restaurant (even less than what you would pay for the menú del peregrino).
Pérez López, Javiier (2014) El Juego de la oca del Camino de Santiago. OK, this isn't a book but it is sort of printed material. In the Camino de Santiago Goose Game you'll travel 63 stages on the French route, each one describing the features and character of the section; churches, monasteries and the most emblematic landscapes from Roncesvalles to Santiago. On the reverse of the board are the instructions with a small description of what can be found in each square. These descriptions are translated to Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Portuguese on the leaflet that accompanies the game. The game comes as foldable cardboard for an easy transport with, dice and several cut-out figures representing different pilgrims. Available through the Juego de la oca website.
Peyer, Eduard (2012) Buen Camino and Bon Appétit: A Culinary Journey and Pilgrimage With Ingredients. Infinity Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-0741479228 hardcover; ISBN-13: 978-0741478696 paperback; ASIN: B009KQRPXA Kindle. Buen Camino and Bon Appétit is filled with author Peyer’s stories about the people he met along the two major journeys of his life--a 40-year career as a chef in some of the best hotels on two continents and his pilgrimage along the Camino after he retired. His memoir contrasts the extreme pressure of life as a world-class chef with the simplicity of walking the Camino. He blends these two journeys in the final section of the book, a selection of the recipes that most vividly recall both journeys.
Thompson, Susan (2014) The Pilgrim Soul: Your Journal for the Camino de Santiago. Ultreia Press. ISBN-13: 978-0692323205.The Pilgrim Soul is a journal intended for you to record your journey on the Camino. It encourages you to record your words, your drawings, your sellos, photographs and other mementos from the Camino. Three pages are set aside for each day. The first page provides areas to record the date and the locations where you start and end each day, as well as a place for a drawing, a photograph or duplicate sellos. Two additional pages are supplied for journaling or additional sellos. Quotes are provided throughout the book.

Vonhof, John (2011, 5th ed.) Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatment for Athletes. Wilderness Press. ISBN-13: 978-0899976389. Foot pain and injuries can thwart even the most experienced pilgrim. Foot expert John Vonhof discredits the conventional wisdom of "no pain, no gain," teaching instead how the interplay of anatomy, bio-mechanics and footwear can lead to happy or hurting feet. With a focus on individual and team care, Fixing Your Feet covers everything that an active person needs for immediate and long-term foot care solutions. Vonhof offers numerous solutions for each problem, as there is no one best solution. This comprehensive resource covers footwear basics, prevention and treatments along with clear diagrams, photos,and charts that demonstrate techniques and solutions.

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