Non-English Guidebooks

Various authors. The Miam miam dodo series. Numerous editions covering routes in France plus St. Jean to Santiago. (In French but with a glossary in Spanish, German and English.)
Fiol Boada, Joan (2009) El Camino de Santiago desde Roncesvalles y Somport. Lectio. ISBN-13: 978-8496754317. A quite comprehensive guidebook that covers the francés, the aragonés and the finisterre routes with detained maps, elevation charts, detailed descriptions of the route and albergues. Available through (Spanish but available in catalán also)
Joos, Raimund and Michael Kasper (2012) Jakobsweg: Camino Francés. Conrad Stein Verlag. ISBN-13: 978-3866863811. Eine detaillierte Wegbeschreibung und zusätzliche Orientierungshilfen durch Karten und genaue Höhenprofile. Genaue Beschreibung der Herbergen, deren Lage und Ausstattung, Tipps für die Unterbringung in Pensionen und Hotels, Hinweise für Radfahrer. Hintergrundinformationen zu Land und Kultur. Hinweise zur Infrastruktur wie Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, ärztliche Versorgung und Banken. Darüber hinaus finden sich einige allgemeine Tipps und Hinweise zu Klima und Reisezeit, Ausrüstung und Vorbereitung der Reise. Natürlich wird im Führer auch der Weg nach Finisterre genau beschrieben und einige Tipps für den Weg ab dem Somportpass und auch nach Muxía gegeben. REWORD THIS TO COVER THE WHOLE JOOS "OUTDOOR" SERIES, NOT ONE ENTRY PER EDITION.
Lorenzo, Millán Bravo (1999) El Camino de Santiago: Guía Práctica del Peregrino . Editorial Everest. ISBN-13: 97-88424139070. One of the most respected and venerable guides to the Camino de Santiago available, written by Millán Bravo Lozano, who was the head of the Department of Latin at the University of Valladolid, Spain. Although his guide has not been updated since 1999, the real value of this guide continues to be the abundance of information that it contains about the route, its history and its traditions that it contains. (Spanish)


Martin Garcia, Juan (2019) Camino de Santiago de Roncesvalles a Santiago de Compostela. Guía práctica con información al peregrino de las jornadas, dificultad, distancias y duración. Publicado independientemente. ISBN-13: 978-1796449686 (libro de bolsillo); ASIN: B07NJHH7LK (Kindle libro electrónico). Caminar por el Camino es una aventura loca pero gratificante. Hacer el Camino es caminar, nada más. Caminar no es correr ni escalar, pero tampoco es pasear por el centro comercial. Un libro para los lectores que lo están considerando, este libro será una ayuda para tomar decisiones informadas y planificarlo bien. (Spanish) Also available in English.
Mencos, Carlos (2008) Guía práctica del Camino Jacobeo del Ebro y Camino Catalán . ISBN-13: 978-8493451231. Perhaps the only guidebook that focuses on the Ebro and Catalan routes. (Spanish)
Nadal, Paco (2010) El Camino de Santiago a Pie 2010. El País/Aguilar. ISBN-13: 978-8403509054. (Spanish) This is has been called the single, most useful guide available at present, though it is available only in Spanish. Its maps, the descriptions of the route, daily distances, and the altitudes reached on each stage of the journey are carefully researched and updated on an average of every two years or so. (Spanish)
Retail, Mireille (2018) Miam Miam Dodo: le Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle par la Voie d'Arles. Editions du Vieux Crayon. ISBN-13: 978-2916446264. From the respected Miam Miam Dodo series: information on accommodation and other facilities for the Arles route, with schematic maps, from Arles to the Col du Somport. Also covers the Camino aragonés from Somport to Puente la Reina. (French)
Quintales, Luis Antonio Miguel (2002). Ruta del Camino Fonseca: De Salamanca a Santiago de Compostela. ISBN-10: 84-81961787. This is a quite comprehensive guide for this lesser traveled route from Salamanca northward to Zamora then to Ourense and finally to Santiago. Apparently not updated since the first edition in 2002. May be difficult to find in the Americas. (Spanish)

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